Wedding Confetti Cannons

Wedding Confetti Cannons

Instant, safe & effective.

Capture a special, picture-perfect wedding day moment for the rest of your life with our new Wedding Confetti Cannons – if you’ve seen similar confetti poppers in shops and supermarkets, then think much, much bigger!

Used on the dance floor and ideally timed with your first dance together as husband and bride, the popular and photographic popper streams fall gracefully down from the ceiling and create a stunning visual effect on your photographs.

We will co-ordinate with your wedding photographer the ideal time to set-off our confetti cannons, whilst your in place, dancing together and enjoying a special moment and having the rooms full attention on you!

These safe, non-toxic and most importantly, “no-smell” popper tubes shoot 1000s of confetti strips that will fall slowly to the floor – giving you enough timing for a big, romantic smile towards each other and the camera!

Talk to us about this service when you book your wedding disco with us.

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