Photographer recommendation from MBFWD

Photographer recommendation from MBFWD

As a high end, respectable supplier of wedding services, we like it when we find other suppliers crediting our work. so we though it would be nice to return the favour for someone else in the business.

Recently we crossed paths with a wedding photographer from Norfolk who really caught our attention and worthy of a MBFWD LIKE! Whilst providing a wedding disco at Eastern Grange in Suffolk, near Ipswich we found the lovely couple had hired the professional services of M Giddings photography.

Martin, the owner of the business was very professional on the day, very friendly and in control of the guests to take all the necessary shots he needed on behalf of the bride and groom. I should imagine its a tough job being a wedding photographer when all the guests want to pay center attention to the bride and groom, yet those once-in-a-lifetime shots must be caught to capture those memories forever.

When we checked out Martins work, including the fabulous shot below of our disco at Easter Grange, it certainly seems his work speaks for itself. M Giddings offer a number of services which can be viewed at their website Welcome Martin to the MBFWD recommended supplier list!